Hi there & welcome to Pearl Bayou!

So, first off – what is Pearl Bayou? Originally, it started out as a 365 Writing Challenge where I pushed myself personally to write something every single day for a year. I was successful as of 8.27.2017 for Year Three! (insert happy dance!) Although I wasn’t able to post on the original blog every single day – I still remained “faithful” to myself and kept a journal (or three) for a full year. It was both the most wonderful and the hardest thing I’ve done thus far as a person. There were days I barely wrote two sentences while other nights I wrote until my hand cramped up and I let my pizza burn black in the oven. It was rewarding on the good days and even more so on the bad days. It’s amazing how much you discover about yourself when you’re forced to spill it out on paper. I started typing up and sharing posts in September of 2014 with a little push from a few family members/friends of mine on a page titled Dusty Pearls & Pencils. After linking the page to my Facebook, I was overcome with love and support, constructive criticism, and I made some new connections with people I would never have met without DP&P. People will always have a love of fiction in their hearts – whether it’s the little girl who’s first discovering her school library, an old man sitting at a diner telling old fishing stories, or a writer banging their head against a keyboard when they can’t find the “right” word. I decided to make the jump to WordPress in 2016, craving a blank and fresh canvas to grow and in the process I chose to rename the blog Pearl Bayou to explore my own writing personality and style more.

Why are you putting all this out here for anyone and everyone to see? Since a young age I have had the uncontrollable urge to fill notebook after notebook with my rattles and observations. I’ve always loved the rhythmn of conversation and the challenge of putting words together to match the emotions of the moment. I hope you’ll get the goosebumps. And laugh out loud. And wish for a few more paragraphs. I share for that connection because it’s the best connection I’ve ever known.

Still. Doesn’t it make you nervous?  Nervous – yes. Definitely. Social media can be a scary world. Every time I post a story I worry it won’t be something people like. However, I am privileged to be surrounded by supportive and encouraging people. This has become a light for me; my little escape and quiet place. It’s made me BRAVE. Maybe people won’t like it – and that’s okay. That’s the point, right? Live and let live. This is about self-discovery, too – both you discovering you and me discovering me.

Do you post every day now? After the first year was completed, I decided I didn’t want to base this on a “365” interpretation – instead, Pearl Bayou is just going to be our place where we can all come together and share our love of creative writing. I try to update at least 4 times a week – stories, hashtag posts (posts with a particular topic – educational, recipes, etc.), Pinterest shares, and poems.

What about you? Spill the deets and gossip.  I am 26 years old, have lived in the same small town my whole life, and love my chocolate lab Hagan. I have been blessed with a beautiful, encouraging family who takes me exactly as the nerd I am and loves me through it. They’re the family who has to put up with me having my nose in a book while we’re trying to eat supper or me giving them evil eyes when they try to talk while I write. THEY ARE SAINTS, ya’ll. Saints. 

…I am addicted to grape Jolly Ranchers and peach Sprite from Sonic

…I would dye my hair every color of the rainbow if I could. 

…I’m not afraid of snakes or spiders but I do have a fear of being dunked under water.

…My favorite genre of fiction is Sci-Fi & Fantasy (ok, those might be TWO genres) although I do enjoy historical fiction quite a bit, too (anything that has to do with old Scotland or the American Civil War).

Do you want to be a writer?  This is a trick question for me. I don’t think there is ever an ingrained “do you want to be a writer” futuristic question when you think of your ‘career’ – you either are a writer or you aren’t, you know? I am not a good writer. In fact, often I’m terrible. I struggle and I fail. I write total bullshit. Most of it is superficial and predictable. It’s not brilliant work by any means but…it’s what brings me JOY and for me that is what has always mattered the most. Every day I crave the feel of ballpoint on any kind of recordable surface. I want to walk away from work and go home and write until my fingers hurt. I get my best ideas at 2:13 a.m. and then usually pitch them two days later. Writing for me is both a safe haven and a hellish world of challenge. I think, as a human, if you come across one thing in your life that hurts you and heals you at the same time, you hold onto it. 

I welcome you to share this experience with me and appreciate your company/comments. Above all, I ask only that you be courteous to others while you spend time here. I will not tolerate that BS, heathens. You be nice or you walk away. We may not all agree but such is the flavor of life – we can argue in an educated, mature way. I will often share pictures of my dog (Beware: I’m obsessed with my furbaby) and probably will talk about my family and drinking whiskey too much. I just hope every now and then I make you feel something. That’s how I want to leave my mark on this world.



Come on in!


With love,

Brianna & Hagan



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