Name Drop :: 5/4/2017


“She never wanted babies. I mean, she was pretty open about that in the beginning. And then two years in, it was like something in her heart did a one-eighty. She’s a fantastic mother; I came home yesterday afternoon and she was curled on the couch with our youngest. He had his hand in her hair and she was still holding his Batman sippy-cup in her sleep. It was her day off. It’s been awhile since I saw her with a messy ponytail. Sounds stupid. But I snuck into the kitchen to warm up leftovers and the table was covered in crayons and markers…I like to think of myself as a tough guy but it got me. She busts her ass for us. I forget sometimes she’s still young. Hell, she’s barely thirty. But she still loves to color. She’d color for hours with him.”

© Pearl Bayou 2017


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