The Musician Down the Hall :: Chapter One

I shared this shot on my Instagram (@embreez) and wrote about how I don’t often jot down haikus. I love them – I think they’re a fabulous poetic template. -Tyler Knott Gregson KILLS a haiku, man.  I personally think they’re challenging as hell – I mean, you’ve got to pack a lot of punch (or barely a gentle wisp) in seventeen syllables. <<Just a refresher – a haiku is usually three lines, with a pattern of 5/7/5 on syllable count.>>

Here lately, I have tossed around the idea of a “mini-series” – something I could build on and share as a story line. I wanted to present it in installments where we get to know the MCs little by little. So, in the end, I went with my heart and decided to share with you all a couple I’ve been writing about for months:


I’ve had these characters in my brain for so long, I just need them out. I don’t think the next installments will be haikus but this felt right to bring these two together tonight.

P.S. – big thanks to a certain guy in Nashville for the Les Paul picture! I was going to go crazy tonight if I didn’t have a close up of those strings to make this “feel” right.

Love & g’night –



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