“He licked his lips. ‘Well, if you want my opinion-‘

‘I don’t,’ she said. ‘I have my own.'”

–Toni Morrison, Beloved

Dudes. Hi!

Long time, no talk. I’m gonna lay the blame solely on NaNoWriMo for forcing us to take some time apart – is this where I throw in the “it’s me, not you”? There’s literally today and tomorrow left to finish out my 50,000 words and I’m about 2,000 shy of where I need to be to get that accomplished. My plan: build a blanket fort, turn my phone off, check to make sure I have a sufficient supply of Pringles, and crank it out even if it takes me til three in the morning. If you follow this blog on the regular, I’ve talked about the fact I journal every day, right? To keep things separate, I decided I’d do a specific notebook for NaNoWriMo instead of cramming everything in one space.

This notebook looks like a bomb went off. 

Keep in mind, I’m the girl who arranges her pens by color and can’t stand if I tape something on even the tiniest bit crooked. I’ll rip out the whole damn page and start over. But this latest adventure? It’s like the guy in the Black Sabbath tshirt sitting in the furthest corner of the bar all alone with a neck tattoo, brooding eyes, and whiskey on the rocks – sort of gives me the heebee jeebees but I can’t stop looking at him. You catch my drift. It’s a beautiful disaster. I’ll be sure to share some pictures soon. Anybody who knows me on a personal level will probably get a kick out of it considering it’s the kind of thing which normally would send me into a raging, twitching fit of I MUST FIX THIS complete with bulging eyes and mild, panic attack breathing issues.

There’s only two days left in the six word story challenge I’m having fun with on Instagram, too. (Page Flutter rocks!) I’m thinking about compiling them all into an album and sharing with you guys here since I’ve been keeping them to myself on Instagram. Six word stories are a BLAST – way more challenging than I gave them credit in the beginning. It’s been a fun 29 days worth!

I’m anxious to get back to posting more regularly though; I miss you guys. I haven’t written many short stories lately but I’ll share what I have managed to jot down. Also, NaNoWriMo has SERIOUSLY cut down on my reading time. I have four books on my desk right now and they’ve been sorely neglected: Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas, The Far Empty by J. Todd Scott, Carved in Bone (Body Farm #1) by Jefferson Bass, and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I’ve been working on EoS for what feels like months – I can’t wait to wrap it up and be miserable until the 2017 release. I got 99 problems and Sarah J. Maas created them all. I am currently sitting at 47 completed of my 50 book goal – so, I’m closing in!

…My nerdiness is turning you on right now, right?

Latest obsessions:

  1. iZombie Season Two – dear Gawwwwhd. Major Lilywhite. Get in muh life. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, he’s Robert Buckley. If you still don’t know who I’m talking about – Google him RIGHT NOW. You’ll be glad you did. And no, I don’t care if you’re a dude because you’ll appreciate him, too.) I don’t fall into Netflix and chill with myself too often but I made an exception for this one. I Netflix and chilled myself so hard.
  2. Miss Victory Violet –> Literally. I have been stalking her page so often. All things vintage and classy and stunning.
  3. Douglas Aargard’s artwork *(click the link and check out his fall/western paintings. They are so beautiful!)
  4. These craft room ideas:
    22 super creative arts and crafts storage inspiration for your home. Even if you are renter, you can come up with something that will work for your space via DaWanda Polska  The idea of DIY: how to take care of brushes and dry them properly? Just so! Create your own structures and washed przypinajcie tools.
  5. Any and all things peppermint. Lotion, coffee flavoring, candles, the cute little candy sticks. Gimme alllll of dem.

Gonna get to work typing up some of my journal jots as of late. November is shutting down and I can’t even believe it. Why does the end of the year fall off after Halloween? I’ll try and post a couple stories tonight, too. Finally got my shot at a western done AND even took a jab at some sexy scenes.

Hagan and I hope you have the happiest December. I probably won’t do another “Lately…” post until after Christmas so we both send our best Christmas wishes!

Love, B + H


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