Journal Jots {Oct. 2016}


(Written 10-31-2016)

Happy Halloween, you guys! I really-sort-of-kind-of want to refuse October is already over but, alas, my refusal doesn’t change the fact the past 31 days FLEW by. October turned out to be an interesting month, right? Highs in the 80s some days, grass is STILL green/growing, then one week with frost – what a weird month in mid-MO.

Looking forward into November –> I’m starting on NaNoWriMo this week along with a 6 Word Story Challenge (thanks Page Flutter). So, watch for shares/snippets on both of those! (I’ll be uploading the 6 Word Stories onto Instagram, too. Check them out @embreez if you’d like to follow them on there as well.) NaNoWriMo may cut down on how much I post here at Pearl Bayou the next month – with a goal for more than 1500 words a day personally, it’ll definitely effect how much I can post on here. After finishing out November (and some heavy editing) I’m hoping I can put it all together in a format I can share with you all at the first of the year. Maybe a small paperback? Something concrete/tangible.

NaNoWriMo 2016 Participant Banner

Also, I wanted to jump in on Page Flutter’s 6 Word Story Challenge just to keep me fresh. (Check out Page Flutter) I’m super excited! I love 6 Word Stories — I’ve actually shared a few on here as well. Here’s a few –> Six Word Story, Six Word StorySix Word Story, Six Word Story, and Six Word Story. There are more if you want to look around in the archives! Click the menu button at the top and feel free to browse. As for Page Flutter’s challenge, here are the daily prompts:

Take the 6-word story challenge! Add some creativity to your day with 6-word stories and micro-poetry! #PFSixWordChallenge

I will be sharing these along w/photos for each day, sort of like what I’ve been doing with my Sexual Musings posts lately. Hope you all enjoy them – I’m excited to get started!

Back to October –> here are some of the things I penned down in my journal:

Favorite book: The Jealous Kind by James Lee Burke (Goodreads: The Jealous Kind29326413.jpg

I very rarely branch out of my YA fantasy/sci-fi treehouse. I mean, I have one of those signs on the door in sloppy handwriting that says: “No grown up literature allowed!” However, I make an exception every once and again – and did so with The Jealous Kind. I won’t even lie, a lot of it was the cover which drew me in. I’ve never read any of Burke’s work before but my momma has recommended him several times. I was perusing at the library (avoiding adulting) and happened to pick it up.

I don’t know if I ever really sat it back down.

Keep in mind, this is the second installment of a series but I was looking at/reading it from a standalone POV. It was perfectly acceptable to read it without reading the first installment beforehand. (Although now I want to read Wayfaring Stranger…)

If you like moody, coming of age stories, this one has a little of that. It’s set in Houston, Texas in the 50s with a deeper look into racial, class, and personality wars. A dollop of a love story on top with a dash of witty humor and country-boy charisma, BOOM! (It’s deeper than what I’m coming across as, promise.) I enjoyed it thoroughly including: eye rolls, hesitant laughs, and some well contained rage.

It was wonderful enough I learned I won’t hesitate to pick up another of Burke’s work. Personally, it was a great introduction for myself to this staple of an author.

Journal Jots

10.1.2016 – I am finding, as I age, a lot of things my momma has said time and time again ring more true than ever. She told me once there’s not a lot which can happen in your life that your dog won’t understand or at least try to understand. What is it about laying down after a bad day at work (literally 3.5 hours) with your dog and crying it out that ends up feeling so much more therapeutic than anything else?

10.2.2016 – “What you seek is seeking you.” Rumi

10.3.2016 – Went with Mom, Nana, and Papa to the VA today for his checkups. That place, man, it’ll put a lump in your throat. It was a slow, frustrating day for everyone but I caught myself looking around at all the men and women there alone – no family, no one helping them get through the door or out of their wheelchair. It crushed me to see all these men in Korea hats and Army jackets being shuffled around – not that I know a single thing about how a hospital system works. I met a few friendly faces, wrinkles around their mouths and house shoes on their feet but still had rich voices. I hate being envious of people who can listen to their grandpas tell stories – I miss Papa’s voice, the up and down rhythm he always carried, perpetually spinning tall tales or jokes – when I know I should instead be grateful he’s still here. And I am.

10.4.2016 – Currently obsessing over Gypsy Wife quilts. If I had a single bit of talent when it came to sewing, quilting, textiles – that would such a fun project. I love the bright colors and mish-mash of textures.

10.5.2016 – Third day of vacation and the pinnacle has been going to Goodwill alone. Seriously, those bookshelves in the back were full and I was in heaven.

10.6.2016 – 26th anniversary for my folks. Props to them. Not sure I’ll ever like someone that much.

10.10.2016 – Carissa is always down (or up) or an adventure – doesn’t matter what kind of party, she’s all about it. That girl. It’s amazing to me how much fun I can have with her just eating chicken nuggets and talking about the most random topics. Those are the friends/family you want in your life – I don’t catch myself wondering what my hair looks like or if I said something wrong. I can just be me.

10.10.2016 – Altered the Glass Pearl Photography page to “Glass Pearl Gallery” and announced I’d be sharing blogposts on there instead of my personal Facebook page. Hoping maybe that’ll help me streamline. Maybe I can get some involvement on character names? Share more personal things. Connect, connect, connect. (Glass Pearl Gallery)

10.13.2016 – The prompt was: “Write to your daughter.” Since I don’t have a daughter, I wrote what I’d want to say to her if she was in the same phase of her life as me currently – even if she was married with babies. These journals give me a place to pour my heart out and HOPE one day my daughter/son will actually read these words and know they were loved even before they existed:


10.17.2016 – Tell me again where the handbook is for: “When Men Act Like Little Girls and How To Handle Them”…

10.21.2016 – NaNoWriMo enrollment: COMPLETE!

10.23.2016 – Kena’s first wreath class was a complete success! Holy smokes, respect, dude. She’s so talented and makes it look freakin’ easy. (Sidenote: It’s not.) I’m sitting at the kitchen table now looking at the Christmas wreath I made hanging on the wall – what a fun way for her to share her gift!


10.30.2013 – Halloween party was a blast with my favorite weirdos. I love my family – and I would rather spend a Saturday night hanging out with all of them than go out. No lie. Little ones had fun, I think. So did the big ones, ha! Box of Lies was hilarious and Mom brought the game with the mouthpieces where you have to try to say phrases – super funny. Even Tuck was laughing. Great way for the month to roll over at the end.

Another month closer to 2016 coming to a close, kinda crazy to think about.

Hope everyone had an equally “cool” Halloween and since it’ll be at the end of November before I post another – Happy early Thanksgiving!



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