Sexual Musings :: Learning


Sometimes I write like I’m a badass. And sometimes I write fluff. Sometimes I write about power females and lady bosses. Writing is just like every other facet of life – you take the good with the bad. Today –> today was a bad writing day. Small town = same faces. And that face still has the power to make me feel like I’m two inches tall. I know I post these and some of you think: “Here we go again.” But I promise you – I write these to remind myself I’m NOT two inches tall and the only thing he ever gifted me was teaching me what love WASN’T. “What I don’t want to be” is constant fuel for transforming myself every single day into who I KNOW I am. 365 Challenge didn’t mean 365 days of happy grins and funny stories. Some days are the days when I cry it out in the driveway then pick myself back up. That’s what this project is all about. Resurfacing myself to be the person he never deserved and loving myself enough to ignore his cold glares. Sharing with you all so you know you’re not the only human being who has felt self hatred. But you know what? We do better. We become better. And this ain’t no lame pep talk. This is life. This is living in a town of 1500 people and telling yourself: “I don’t give a shit what they think anymore.” Be grateful for the jerks.




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