Haven’t checked in for a couple of weeks with a “Lately…” post; I’ve been pumping out “Sexual Musings” left and right – hope y’all aren’t sick of those yet! All the pictures featured in those posts are ones I’ve taken, so I’m enjoying being able to share some photography as well. Personally, I think Missouri is a beautiful place – I love being able to showcase my home along with my attempts at mushy poetry.

In the works currently: my first WESTERN. Dude. So much more difficult than I ever gave the genre credit. I’m trying to master the right amount of macho dialogue vs. gun slingin’ action, then throw in some feminine mystique. Hopefully I can sit down tonight and stop fiddling with it and just post it! Top that off with the fact it’s a SHORT STORY. I cannot even imagine writing a whole book. Slow clap for Louis L’Amour. You da real MVP.

I enrolled in NaNoWriMo last week –> this is my first year giving it a shot so I’m super excited! NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month and it’s a challenge to pen down a novel in 30 days. (How NaNoWriMo Works) On average I write about 700 words a day in my journal – to stay caught up I’ll have to bump that to roughly 1200. We’ll see if I can make that happen with an actual storyline/characters/etc. At first, my heart was set on writing a contemporary romance but after a little prep work, I’ve decided to go with a YA fantasy that I’ve had on my brain for the past year.

(Disclaimer: I have until November 1st to decide so it may very well end up being a contemporary romance again. Or maybe a historical romance. Or maybe vulgar erotica. My strong suit doesn’t involve making concrete decisions.)

Got to have some one-on-one time with my little people. I don’t think of myself as a “fun person” or good with kids in any way. I think some women are just blessed with that gift and some of us aren’t. These two don’t seem to mind my awkward, dorkiness though.

They had some artsy fun while I tried to tame a pile of laundry. Miss Kai painted me a 12×18 canvas and Tuck wrote/typed me a dragon vs. knight story. Both pieces are hanging in my hallway now. I now have specific requests for Christmas: an “old typewriter that you don’t have to plug-in” for T-Man and a “big board” to paint on for Kai Kai. How cool are these minis? (Turns out I can be kinda cool after all.)

Latest obsessions include:

  1. Vintage style – especially the 40s. I LOVED this article because I’m hopelessly addicted to Instagram, too. If you have Instagram and dig vintage dresses/makeup/hairstyles check out –> 19 Women With Vintage Style You’ll Want to Follow on Instagram (If you don’t have Instagram, it’s still worth looking at. These women are BOMBSHELLS.)
  2. This recipe –> White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge Dear Lawhd. Gimme, gimme!
  3. I’ve had anything and everything Cody Johnson on replay. Swoon.

Books I’ve knocked out recently: At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen and The Swan Kingdom by Zoe Marriott. Both were excellent in their own right; it was good to mix it up with At the Water’s Edge and step away from YA for a while. Anything Scotland — be still my heart. The Swan Kingdom was based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale “The Wild Swans.” I had never heard the tale before so it was interesting to learn where Marriott put her own spin on it.

Currently reading: Still babying my way through Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas. I don’t actually want to finish it yet so I keep taking breaks. I know I’m going to be heartbroken at the end…Started Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I know I’m a little behind on this one but someone gave me a copy they had lying around so I picked it up randomly the other day. On my coffee table is They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the Civil War by Deanne Blanton. It’s really interesting so far but it’s a LOT of information all at once. (I love anything Civil War.) I’m crawling through it but I’m trying to do a little research as I go to read up more on some of the places/battles.

I made a run to Goodwill the other day and scored: some super cute boho patterned bowls, two new coffee cups, a pair of Wranglers (perfectly faded, all the hard work already done), and a copy of Civil War Ghosts by Martin H. Greenburg (among others editors/contributors). Love finding goodies in there — most of all fun books.

Hope all is well with you on the other side of the computer/phone. It feels like fall again today in Mid-MO. Temps dropped back into the normal range, anyway. Again – hope this harvest is seeing everyone through safely. Happy early Halloween, if I don’t manage to chat again before the end of the month! I’m anxious to see everybody’s costumes!

Bri & a very affectionate Hagan



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