Name Drop :: Radiance


You have the type of giggle which makes people stop what they’re doing and giggle along with you. I’ve always envied it. I watch you – the shy type, hair always down and straight, and very little makeup on your cheeks – yet you seem to hold a whole room in your hands with the ease of a well practiced politician. People gravitate toward you, not just for your attractiveness which you carry humbly, but because you are a beam of sunlight when you walk into a room. That giggle though: it dances between your light eyelashes like flecks of golden dust in your brows and illuminates a smile you hide most of the time. There’s a brilliance to it – like a wind chime caught in the drift of a salty breeze, tinkling and tickling your senses with warmth. It’ll fade out and you’ll walk away and everyone is caught up thinking: “How does she not know how wonderful she is?”

Copyright © 2016 Pearl Bayou


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