Sexual Musings :: Windows


I fall asleep with books on my chest
and dog hair in my nose.
Autumn makes me want to light candles
and curl up in flannel sheets.
Donuts aren’t donuts without sprinkles
and grape Jolly Ranchers are an addiction.
My hands don’t shake when I play piano
but they do when I touch someone
for the first time in the dark.
Forgetting to text when I get home safe

is a flaw I’m trying to grow out of.
I kiss like I’m starving for goosebumps.
Driving with the windows down,
sweet tea with lemon,
and being the little spoon
are my favorites.
I’ve never known how to be anything else
besides exactly who I am in this moment.
No matter what you choose to tell people-
I’m still just a girl-
and I may have broken your heart
but not before I loved it so completely
that it shattered my own.

 Copyright © 2016 Pearl Bayou


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