Sexual Musings :: Travel

IMG_9621I want to kiss the shore of some rocky beach, a sweater around my shoulders and salt in my nose while your voice whispers in my ear. I’d like to memorize the fade of a pastel sunrise in the canopy of trees so tall I write fairy tales about them while I lie in your lap. I crave snow on the tip of your nose and fog around us as we breathe in the mountain peaks. I have the strangest desire to submerge myself in waves so crystal clear I can see your freckles against mine treading above the neon reef. I ache for the brush of mist on my cheeks in the highlands and heather against my fingertips, the green of the hills matching your eyes when they meet mine. I wish for moments in foreign places where I can flavor the landscapes alter into emotions and relearn all your terrain.

Copyright © 2016 Pearl Bayou


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