Name Drop :: Stumble


I’ve known you since we were children but today you reached for my elbow out of pure instinct to keep me from falling when I tripped – and I noticed for the first time the scar on your chin. It made me want to ask you if you’d wrecked your bicycle when you were a kid or if you’d taken a tumble off a horse. It made me curious if you had leaned too far over a fence and collided with barbed wire. Your reputation with women made me wonder if someone had left that mark out of anger with the sharp edge of a ring. It teased me in a small way and I realized I don’t know much about you even though we’ve spent the last twenty-five years in the same town of fifteen-hundred people. I didn’t have the courage to ask you though, mainly because people always get weirded out when I take interest in those types of things. As you guided me back to my feet, I fought it, the urge to ask where that scar had come from but maybe one day you’ll tell me anyway. 

Copyright © 2016 Pearl Bayou


One thought on “Name Drop :: Stumble

  1. It’s pretty much an ideal scenario – waiting – not having to do the yard of work. Life isn’t about waiting though and it’s very much something romantic and sweet. Having someone open to you, to trust you so implicitly.
    Nevertheless it’s something we’re all familiar with, something we all wish for and you capture that implicitly.

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