Sexual Musings :: Repurpose


I wrap my legs between yours and lean into the heat of your chest
after two days of missing the feeling of your heart beats against my spine.
I’m not entirely sure when it happened,
when I looked up from the haze and mist
and came to the overwhelming realization:
you have filled every fissure and crack and crevice and chip
I’ve allowed myself to collect over the years.
All my tarnished edges and rusted corners,
my damaged skin and blemished humor-
you’ve polished and honed into something tender.
I don’t credit you for “fixing me,”
instead I thank you for urging me-
pushing me-
shouldering me-
leading me-
forgiving me-
teaching me-
reintroducing me
to the me who wanted to be
more passionate,
more intense,
and more open.
At one point, I thought I was the re-purposing artist-
with my love of transforming a forgotten piece
which had been left in the dirt and dark-
and cleaning it up so it could stand on its own again
with personality and radiance.
Turns out,
that’s what you’ve been doing to me all along.

Copyright © 2016 Pearl Bayou


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