2 Years Old :: Birthday Approaching!

So, with August comes the exciting BLOG BIRTHDAY! I’m closing in on two years for the actual 365 project but I’ve officially been on WordPress for 6 months worth. Sort of exciting, right? I was incredibly nervous about the jump from Blogger but turns out it was such a great idea. I’ve made a ton of friends/found connections worth the change in platform. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world, y’all. Thank you for everything you’ve given me by visiting this little page!

Now, on the 27th I’ll share an actual birthday post but in the spirit of “birthdays” I thought I’d do some fun things today. Since Pearl Bayou will be TWO – that’s the magic number for today:

A few favorite posts shared on Pearl Bayou:
1. Sexual Musings :: Both Sides
2. River Bottom Girl

Favorite words:
1. “midnight”
2. “wildflower”

Things that are scary:
1. Raccoons
2. Tight spaces

Things that are funny:
1. Old “Whose Line Is It Anyway” episodes (I love Ryan.)
2. Sheldon Cooper

Things I support:
1. The military (100%)
2. Girls who rock red lipstick

1. Jay Ryan
2. Tom Hardy
3. Stephen Amell
4. Henry Cavill
5. Taylor Kinney
6….wait. Sorry.

Random things I adore:
1. Anything and everything steampunk
2. Infectious laughs

A few favorite characters:
1. Finnie –> Finnie :: Part I
Finnie :: Part IIFinnie :: Part III
2. Isabelle –> Isabelle – Emotion Feeder

A few favorite settings:
1. Thea & the Gardens
2. Rahbe + Meira

Quotes I enjoy every time I reread them:
1. “If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.” Ruthie Lindsay
2. “Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it.” John Mayer

Favorite smells:
1. Peppermint
2. The way you memorize someone’s laundry detergent when you’re crazy about them

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

“Rivers know this:
There is no hurry.
We shall get there someday.”

A. A. Milne


Love –


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