Sexual Musings :: Winter


I watched you from the kitchen window-
coffee cup in hand and the familiar smell
of your sweatshirt around my shoulders-
as you unloaded feed from the bed of your truck
and reached down to ruffle the dog’s fur
under his collar as you walked past.
His eyes tracked your every movement,
ever the stalwart protector of his master.
Your breath fogged like spider webs taking flight
into the bitter winter morning
as you called a greeting to the
heavy coated horses
in the pasture.
Winter has always suited you:
The cling of frost on your skin.
The crunch of snow under your boots.
The steady rhythm of animal heart beats
surrounding you.
The brush of your chilled hands
igniting fire along my hipbones
when you step inside to tell me goodbye.

 Copyright © 2016 Pearl Bayou


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