Hi peeps –

Four days, no talk. My bad.

I would like to say I had a crazy weekend and didn’t have a chance to update but to be honest – I was a lazy bum for the majority of it. Haven’t felt the greatest which is the PERFECT excuse to curl up and read my book…or three. I finished Amanda Stevens’ 4th installment in her Graveyard Queen series – The Visitor. Holy smokes – it’s the first book I’ve read in forever where I was actually scared to turn out the lights. Major creeps. I left the lamp on all night. If you dig paranormal/romance/deep south/history mixtures, FOR SURE give Amanda’s work a read. It’s all so believable, tangible, and ridiculously intense. The first book in the series is The Restorer and it had me hooked from the get-go.

Found a new one-sitting morsel I adored: The Maenad of Manhattan by Liz Meldon. Kind of corny but pretty delicious really. Greek mythology + Norse mythology, a good dose of physical chemistry, douche bag-gery, and quirkiness. Meldon created an Aphrodite who is arrogant yet likable, a modern bad bitch of sorts sick of feeling empty in a world where Gods are no longer praised. Insert Loki – yeah, that Loki. I loved the mixed pantheons and the dynamite between them.

Last week I wrapped up Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. Let it be known – I have always been and will always be a Clare fan. I devoured City of Bones when I was young and I’ve never looked back. (The t.v. show and the movie were crap. They don’t do Clare justice. Read the books. You’ll see what I mean.) Lady Midnight was a breed all its own – yes, the same mold but so much more. It was definitely my favorite of her first installments. There was depth, focusing on things none of the others even glanced at in the Shadowhunter world: mental illness/depression, learning disabilities, etc. Emma and Julian aren’t like Clary and Jace or Will and Tessa (I was always a firm Jem fangirl, anyway…sigh…) – E & J are a whole different ball game. Loved it – hated that ending (be prepared), but loved it anyway.

I also knocked out over half of A Court of Mist and Fury by Miss Sarah J. Maas – dear Lawhd sweet baby Jesus, that Rhysand though. Drooling. If you’re a Maas fan, you know what I’m sayin’.

(I won’t pretend for even a second I don’t live vicariously through books when I’m pissed off at men in real life. Ain’t even gonna pretend.)

Current obsessions:

  1. Marion Tubiana’s Artwork — seriously. Her equine paintings. If they don’t make you suck in a breath, then you’re doing art wrong. I discovered her work on Instagram – instalove, if you will. Check her out. Totally worth it.
  2. Really feminine lacy, little scraps underneath leather jackets. Like, does it get any hotter than that? No. I think not.
  3. Forest elopements. ‘Nuff said.
  4. These two Etsy shops –> In the Wick of Time (Again, Rhysand. Lurrrrve.) & The Melting Library (Fireheart is stunning!) Book nerds, assemble. How neat, right? So insanely pretty. I know a few on my feed who would KILL along with me to get their hands on these sweet smelling beauties.
  5. “And the stars blinked as they watched her carefully,
    jealous of the way she shone.” -Atticus
  6. Ridiculously romantic engagement shoots by these two photographers:

    (I mean – how BEAUTIFUL is their work? Absolutely jaw dropping. If your skin doesn’t sizzle just a little, look harder!)

It’s been a hot day here in mid-Mo. This mugginess is a little extreme – all my prayers going out to the guys in the hay field, pouring concrete, putting up pole barns, servicing tractors, changing tires, roadwork – I mean seriously, y’all are tough.

Date night with Courtney -> Mexican + margs. (Daiquiris for me – you can keep your salt, I thank you.) I begged her a couple weeks ago to write a post with me so let’s see if maybe me and Tits Magee can come up with anything fun for you all.

Have a happy and safe/cool Monday night!

Bri + Hagan


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