10 | Phrases I Love More Than: “You’re Single? You Should Meet My Son!”

To continue with my list trend, here are 10 phrases I love more than “You’re single? You should meet my son!”

((Some of the other lists as of late –> 11 | Reasons I’m Glad I Fell in Love With the Wrong Guy & 25 | Book Whore Confessions))

I mean, I get that it comes from a good place but so do these:


  1. “Do you want fries with that?”
  2. “Damn, that highlight and contour though.”
  3. “Yeah, that’s my dog. Wanna come meet him?”
  4. “Ten percent off all twelve-pack bottles.”
  5. “I’m going to Taco Bell, want to go?”
  6. “I put gas in your car.”
  7. “Victoria’s Secret is having a sale.”
  8. “I just finished this great book and thought of you.”
  9. “Let’s go fishing.”
  10. “Those jeans make your butt look B.E.A.-utiful.”


I’m just sayin’.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

Brianna & Hagan


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