#FairytaleFriday :: Snake Queen

Black tendrils of rage
caressed her irises
like serpents
visible in the pools
of emerald green.
A laugh rattled
from her chest,
brittle and sharp
as the stained glass
lining the halls
of the village church
in her image.
“I will not beg,”
she purred,
lashing out
at the heart
of the young man
across from her.
“You are a fool,
boy, and you’ll regret
telling me no.”
Her beauty distorted
into a mask of concentration
then fury
at his casual smile
and relaxed hands.
He looked passively

out the window
at the growing moonlight
and stroked the smooth
grain of the table.
“You cannot control
a heart
which is broken.
You took from me
the one thing
that kept it beating,”
he whispered,
smiling sadly.
“It is time to rethink
our relationship,
Snake Queen.”

Copyright © 2016 Pearl Bayou


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