Hi y’all!

So, I’ve been trying to continue to share my “latest obsessions” with you guys as they develop. I’m a butterfly, you know? I catch myself flitting back and forth and onward and over like a bug style twisty roller coaster between interests. I stay interested in something for just so long before I move onto something else shiny and bright. In a way this addiction to creative nectar – it’s gives me mixed emotions. I wish sometimes I was the kind of person who found a hobby and just stuck with it until it was “mastered.” Slow and even keel. Learn bit by bit. Practice. Steady.

No. I’m the kind of person who discovers something and throws herself into it ninety to nothin’. I become obsessed. Anxious. Enthralled.

And then I crash like a June bug into a Chevy windshield at midnight on a back road.

I fall for things so hard: paint, flowers, furniture, people, puppies, lipstick. The list goes on and on. Seriously – note to my future lover, I’ll be IMPOSSIBLE to live with. I’ll Star Wars binge watch while learning to crochet. A few days later I can’t put down a book long enough to eat supper (much less cook for you, sorry). That same weekend I’ll probably have the kitchen covered in old sheets because I’ll want to a repaint a dresser I’ve already painted three times.

You catch my drift. Butterfly, y’all, butterfly.

Lately, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with mixed media art. I’m linking three videos I LOVE so you have some what of an idea of where my focus is. The first piece is by Gabrielle Pollacco who apparently is a staple in the mixed media world and she’s fabulous. I am seriously in LOVE with this octopus canvas:

**Mixed Media Canvas by Gabrielle Pollacco

Switching gears, I found an old perfume bottle transformed in a piece of stunning hummingbird ARTWORK:

**Mixed Media Bottle by Rach0113

And last but not least, feeding into my steampunk addiction:

**Steampunk Tag by Sharon Martinelli

All three of these ladies are SO talented. I mean, really. Mind blowing. I could only DREAM of being on their level. I’ve watched several “beginners” videos as well and I think I’m going to give it a shot this weekend with some things I have around the house. I love making messes. I can’t wait.

Memorial Weekend plans involve nothing. I. Am. So. Excited. I love those rare weekends where there’s nothing going on and I can sit on my back porch and read or take the dog up to Mom and Dad’s to run/swim.

Vets Day.JPGWant to give a shout out to my sweet Papa in honor of Memorial Day – I won’t call him an “ex-Marine” because he’d tell me ‘once-a-Marine-always-a-Marine’ but he is the epitome of what I respect most about our service men and women: he’s honest, loyal, compassionate, smart, and tough as nails. This man has been through so many trials but always has a smile when I lean down to kiss him. He’s a talented woodworker and has a gift with animals. George Jones was his go-to man (and still is). I can remember as a child being comforted by the wood smoke smell always clinging to his overalls and how he always had some sweet stashed for just me. (I found out much later he did this for all his grandchildren – the traitor.) You won’t find a single person in this family walking on The Stars and Stripes. I am currently and will forever be grateful for him as a: Marine, a man, and a grandfather.

This Memorial Day take just a small moment and send up a prayer for those currently serving, their families/loved ones, and a word of thanks for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.



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