Fire Breather

I am a fire breather-

a kaleidoscope of colors


into a flash of light

only a sunrise can rival

and worthy of uninhibited


between the midnight hours

of Tuesday and Wednesday

and rumpled cotton sheets

and steamy shower walls.

Fear is not my color-

it brings out the memories

in my eyes

of the creature

I was before I let the flame

inside my heart

burn out the once

depressive tendencies

whom locked me

in a room of ashy self hatred.

Grace has never

been the cut of dress

I wear when I parade

across the streets

of this tiny town

for I am not elegant-

I am a ripple which bursts forth

into heat at the slightest spark.

I am a fire breather-

and I will stop

for no man

who is built

solely of paper bills

or wooden beams,

expensive cotton

and shiny metal.

I will not blaze

for a fool

who bases his value

on such very

flammable objects.

Copyright © 2016 Pearl Bayou



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