Sexual Musings :: “Fall”

I crave you in the Fall more than

the warm bite of cider against my throat,

the crisp crunch of fallen leaves under my feet,

or the comfort of my broke-in blue jeans

straight out of the dryer.

There’s something about watching you

roll up the sleeves of your old flannel

shirt you’ve had since we were

kids in high school-

something about hearing you sing

to yourself while you make coffee

in the mornings before work-

and something about feeling you

wrap your torn jacket

around my shoulders when I slip

out onto the back step to

watch the sunset.

I ache for autumn because I ache

for the best it brings out in you:

the amber in your eyes,

the deepness of your voice from sleeping

with the window open all night,

the exhaustion in your shoulders

softening for an instant when I

climb into the combine

and kiss you on the neck.

Your tan doesn’t fade but holds the

golden tone I observe across

the bench seat when we go drive

and check calves on Sundays.

I long for the way you curl up against me

for just a few extra seconds in bed because

you love the smell

of fall scented lotion on my skin.

How you fill our garage with decoys

and the way you kiss me on my

forehead in the early hours before

leaving for a teal hunt.

I decorate the staircase in pumpkins

and the kitchen smells of cinnamon-

acorns bounce off the roof like

tiny bombs across the shingles.

You step out of the house in nothing

but your boxers and boots to start

your diesel before coming back

in to rub your cold nose

across my skin in the mornings.

The evenings out on the porch

get darker faster when we

watch for deer at the salt block.

You disappear in the living room

for hours to watch football, the

essential “yeah”s and “whatever you want

babe”s coming at appropriate times

when I ask you questions.

But you watch me closer –

you’ve always liked the outline of my body

in skinny jeans and boots.

The way my soft sweaters hang just right

off my shoulder.

You observe the happiness and the peacefulness

autumn brings me and you drink it in

as I drink you in.

Copyright © 2016 Pearl Bayou


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