I have become obsessed with the female figure. 

I mean, I always have been but lately I’ve been studying it. As a straight woman – I will openly admit I find it more fun to observe an attractive female than an attractive male. There is something about a woman’s body – all curved lines and soft spots, how long hair falls in a waterfall along a spine, and how light pools in certain planes lips need to discover. Women have moved forward from body shaming to showing off muscles in gym mirrors and vintage clothing lines emphasizing bigger busts. “Plus size” has become a very fluid number, no longer a label you have to place on yourself or something to be ashamed of. Tattoos, neon blue hair, long legs in glittery tights, retro bobs, ratty jeans, beach waves – so many movements and expressions of personality.

Women are beautiful creatures.

I think girls tend to check out other girls for several reasons – envy, admiration, maybe even curiosity. We see pretty figures and think: “I wish I could pull that off.” or “God, she must workout all the time.” or “Her skin tone is to die for.” I openly try to compliment people, even strangers, as often as I can. Body shaming, although losing some of its momentum, is such a monster in our culture. Why not tell someone they look pretty in green? Why hold back when you notice their eye shadow is on point? Women NEED to hear those things. 

We’re not all attention whores (I won’t lie – I sorta am) but we sure as hell love when someone notices how much work we’ve put into getting ready or admires our style choice.

I wanted to share with you all a few artists I’ve fallen in love with as of late:

Philip Munoz — click here (If you go to “recent paintings” you’ll see why I’ve fallen head over heels!)

Philip Munoz


Oriol Angril Jorda — click here (This links to the blogspot — these will take your breath. Such beautiful work!)

Mannequin Atelier @ Deviant Art — click here (This links to one of my favorite images but check out her entire gallery. Her studies in light and hair are AMAZING!)

M & I Garmash — click here (The Garden Scenes — oh my. My favorites.)

A few other names to search for if you liked these might be Daniel GerhartzVicente Romero Redondo, Steve Hanks, Mark Cross, and Rob Hefferan.

There are so many ridiculously talented human beings out there. Seriously, to be able to capture the movement of her hips, the expression in her eyes, and the shape of her cupid’s bow – I mean, wow. So jealous.

Hope everyone is having a good week thus far. Only ONE more day to go! 🙂 

I will be sharing several posts this evening. I haven’t had the courage or energy to sit down and put in type what I’ve been jotting down everyday in my journal but I’m going to give it a shot tonight. 




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