Sexual Musings :: Waking to You

Last night, your fingers woke my skin up for a midnight conversation.

I heard the hitch in your breathing when I rolled into your touch;

your lungs always grow heavy with the sound of my mouth

letting out little wisps of your name into the darkness.

Icy shards of air from the open window

sank like daggers into my hipbones

trailing goosebumps down my legs

when you pulled the blanket away,

my eyes taking in the curve of your shoulder

into the warmth of your chest with nothing but the

far-away bathroom light to guide my lips.

An ambulance sounded in the distance, the high pitched whine

of the siren matching the noises I exhaled

into your neck when your calluses brushed against my ribs.

Caught between a pillow and the pressure of your weight,

my wrists rebelled against being forced down

when it had been days since they’d claimed

the territory lining your spine.

© 2016 Pearl Bayou – All Rights Reserved.


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