Making the Jump

Written: 1/20/2016

Good afternoon, guys! Aside from the brittle cold – I hope it’s been a successful day for you all so far. I swear, Tuesday is just another name for “Monday’s-ugly-twin-sister.” I feel like we were so spoiled here in Mid-MO during December with warmth and sunshine; I expected winter to just pick up and move right on out come the new year. Here we are, however, on a frigid day. I hear this weekend is supposed to be SUPER nice though.

Moving onto business – first, I want to explain the move. Welcome to the new WordPress page where you’re going to find the same type of blog posts as before and still titled Pearl Bayou. It’s still me and it’s still us – it’s just a change I found necessary. Blogger (the blogging platform I was at previously) has been extremely good to me in the past year and a half – I love the beauty of all the customization & the endless options, the ease of being able to do things myself even though I have no blogging experience, and the amount of traffic I attracted simply because it showed off my own personality.

WordPress presents a whole new realm of possibilities and allows me to have what I crave most: a blank canvas. Pearl Bayou here at WordPress is going to allow me to communicate and share with you all on a more regular/reliable basis and it’s a more grown-up/upbeat version of what we had before.

At the top of this post are the keywords “About” and “Connect” — clicking on these will lead you to pages of information which corresponds. I’ll be adding new pages, too but this is where I’ll start out! Also – at the top of the page, on the right is a cute little 3 dash line graphic in the corner. This is the drop down menu where you’ll find the archives, a tag cloud (for when I start having recurring characters, themes, time periods, etc.), and a search bar. To exit out of this, to the right of the search bar is that same 3 dash line graphic – click it again and WAH LAH! You’re back to the main stuff.

I am still learning my way around and there will be plenty of bumps along the way, I’m sure, but I am so excited to make this move and the fact I get to do it will you all by my side! I encourage you now more than ever to keep feeding me constructive criticism and highlighting what you like most. It’s going to be a growing process but I have so much faith in us as a group to make this both easily accessible and (foremost) FUN to read.

I will be saving all the original posts over at Blogger for the next few days on my laptop and in hard copy, then permanently deleting the old blogspot. (Erasing its existence is both terrifying and exhilarating, y’all. I’m still not sure how to feel about it!) So, all linking from this point on will be solely through this new site.

While I acquire knowledge of the “World-of-Blogging” I’m learning to keep things as ethically and legally correct as possible, practicing & challenging myself to keep my material as fresh and delicious as I can for you devoted fiction addicts, and longing for the moments I get to spend with a notebook in my hand.

As I said a million times over at Blogger and will continue to tell you all as much as I possibly can: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I am so blessed and so grateful for your all’s presence here with me.

My days are made better and more beautiful by this chance to share and grow with you as an audience and as my friends.




© 2016 Pearl Bayou – All Rights Reserved.


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