War :: {5}

Not a lot of inspiration this Monday but managed to sort out a little bit of simple imagery for a couple who seems to be opposites at times. Her :: Tea with lemon. Him :: Busch. Heavy. vs. Her :: Slow music, cooking in the kitchen. Him :: Hank, Sr. with grease on his hands. […]

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#PromptPost :: Nursery Rhyme

Prompt: Use a line from a nursery rhyme as a piece of dialogue in a dark narrative. As a side note: I discovered this jewel –> The Sweptaways – Oh My Darling Clementine while searching for lists of nursery rhymes. The whole video is amazing but the moment @ 0:59 is what I used for inspiration! Also – this […]

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War :: {4}

Queen of ❤️:: “Take a risk with me,” he laughed. vs. King of ♣️:: “Settle down with me,” she smiled. –> 1.9.2018// Love is War : Week 4 <– **All cards aside, leave who you believe won in the comments below. Each week is a new war among the cards we’re dealt – let love […]

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Frisky Friday :: Week 1

“You’ve been here for ten days,” the merchant laughed, wrapping my purchased bundle in faded muslin. A sapphire raw-edged in gold punctured his top lip, catching the midday sun and scattering cobalt shadow across his facial tattoos. I followed the line of markings with my eyes as they morphed from gentle ebbs and whirls of […]

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