Top 5 Wednesday :: Worst Hangovers

I’m not joking one bit when I say: I would rather deal with a tequila hangover than a book hangover. What is it about fictional characters getting inside your head and just ripping your heart out that’s so…addictive? So much love. So much hate, my friends. Continuing on with this month’s freebie posts over at […]

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Sexual Musings :: Gypsy

There is a restless gypsy spinning circles inside my dancehall of a heart; crushed wheatgrass and Black-eyed Susans curtsying beneath my bare feet, kohl smudged and shining eyes in the darkness, catching flint from the fire with the golden bells at my wrist. With every twirl, Night strokes fingers across the bones of my pale […]

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Sexual Musings :: Hickory Bark

Sexual Musings :: Hickory Bark “He is folding in on himself, like hickory bark peeling in the midday glare of the sun. A subtle shake of his head warns me to steer clear of his rough, armored edges but his forest tinted eyes are begging for a single moment of shelter in the storm he’s […]

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Personal Post :: May

“May: the lilacs are in bloom. Forget yourself.” -Marty Rubin Anyone else a lover of lilacs? There is something so special about them. A classic. A staple. A sign of warmer, lighter days to come and then sultry nights on the deck with low music and cold beer. Tree frogs ringing out their trilled harmonies. […]

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#Prompt Post :: Flowers

There’s vines at your feet, delicate and green as emeralds- but above you? A castle of opal walls, shining like rainbow fire in the midday sun. Your clumsy fingertips, coaxing sleepy skin to rise and reach, are stained violet with wild phlox and lilac petals. Imagine a world where your heart wasn’t black obsidian and […]

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Top 5 Wednesday :: Blue Books

Let me get something out in the open here: my favorite color is most definitely green. That being said – there really is something about a blue book that’s so…charming. Striking. Traditional. Commanding. I actually had no idea how many books I owned that are all decked out in blue until I decided on this […]

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