Personal Post :: February

Back in January, I mentioned sharing things a little more on a personal level. Subsequently, there was a tour of my living room bookshelves (at the time) and an outpouring of love I hold in my heart for all things rustic/vintage. This month I’m going to stay away from books and/or writing. There are other […]

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Sexual Musings :: Perfume

Sexual Musings :: Perfume “He smells of: old books and saddle leather, hot coffee, cut grass, and green spearmint candies. There’s campfire on his skin and fresh wind tucked between the folds of his shirt. His cologne is nighttime and cedar sawdust.” — B ©️ Pearl Bayou 2018

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Sexual Musings :: Bedtime

“Sing me to sleep, your scarred hands keeping time across my legs. Cradle me, let me drift off wondering if it’s your voice against my spine or Midwest summer thunder. The steady bass lullabye from your chest like crisp rain to my aching bones.” – B ©️ Pearl Bayou 2018

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Sexual Musings :: My Match

Sexual Musings :: My Match 🔥 • “There is flame within me. Flame boiling over at the edges, white-hot and trimmed in sapphire blue, lighting this charcoal room into a powderkeg of question: “Will he be the matchstrike? Will his skin reek of gasoline? Will his hands orchestrate the alto pleadings clawing out of my […]

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