Personal Post :: March

I write everyday. It’s no longer a hobby. It’s an addiction. An outlet. Therapy. A drug of sorts. Some nights it may be as simple as a few words on the weather. Some mornings it’s six pages on why I love the color emerald green. It’s a study on what I find beautiful in people, […]

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Sexual Musings :: Book Boyfriend

“I spend my midnight hours in bed with men who are trained to take punches and rifled with scars. Their voices are cavernous echoes guarded by lips that have been busted. Men who are firm handshakes and booted feet, arms of iron and gravel laughter. I crawl between the sheets and embrace them with both […]

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Sexual Musings :: Granite

“Pull me close; why is there so much space between us? I want to close my eyes and feel when your fingertips brush my hip under the fan-cooled sheets; don’t you know you still kindle fire inside me? Why can’t you hear me a foot away, screaming for you to circle me in your arms? […]

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Sexual Musings :: Bloom

“Give me strong hands and curious eyes, calloused and questioning. Lift the corners of my bedsheets on the west side, and shake out the dust of them being empty these last few years. Come to me riddled in the color of new beginnings and teach me there is love blooming under my skin.” ©️ Pearl […]

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Sexual Musings :: Curve Ball

I kissed a man once whose fingers danced across my ribs like baseball laces. They sized up which way to lean, how deep to breathe, how hard to push. And you know, I don’t remember much about his lips but I remember his hands; I stretched to my tip-toes so they could have their fill […]

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Sexual Musings :: Him

“Sometimes I wonder who you are. If you’re in a bar somewhere, laughing with green eyes and a nose that’s been broken one too many times. Or if you’re home, shirtless on the couch, with freckles dotting your shoulders. Tell me – Are you happy? Do you like sugar in your coffee and bare feet […]

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